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Salsa Classes Playa Del Carmen

Group or Private Salsa Classes in Playa del Carmen

Before jumping into a Salsa dancing event in Playa del Carmen, we recommend you prepare yourself with some basic Salsa dancing steps. There are group Salsa classes at some dancing events where you will typically learn beginner to intermediate level Salsa dancing moves, which can be frustrating if you haven't had a basic Salsa class, especially without individual attention to correct salsa dancing technique errors. The group Salsa class teachers will sometimes give their instructions in Spanish only, as well. We recommend taking at least one private salsa class so you can learn the unique salsa rhythm, become familiar with basic salsa steps as well as a variety of other beginner salsa steps, and ensure you're learning the proper salsa dancing techniques. Our salsa classes are taught in English or Spanish.


Become a Social Salsa Dancer

If becoming a regular Salsa social dancer is on your bucket list, let us get you prepared with our private Salsa class packages. With our private salsa class packages, you will learn a list of Salsa steps to include: simple turn, cross-body lead, hammer-lock and open break. The material learned in private salsa classes is solely dependent on the student's learning pace. Included with our private salsa class packages, our salsa teacher will take you out to a Salsa social dancing event in Playa del Carmen where you can test your new salsa dance steps.


Social Salsa Dancing in Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen, the Salsa dancing scene has grown immensely over the years.  It now includes many Salsa dancing social events throughout the week, as well as a number of salsa teachers for group salsa classes or private salsa classes. While visiting Playa del Carmen, it is a must to check out the salsa dancing nightlife and experience the variety of Salsa dancing skills each dancer brings. 

Salsa Dancing Styles

There are a variety of Salsa dancing styles you will see in Playa del Carmen; Salsa Cubana (Salsa Casino, Rueda de Casino), Salsa on 1 (Salsa LA), and Salsa on 2 (New York Style Salsa). Each of these Salsa dancing styles are taught by Let's Dance Mexico in our private Salsa classes. 

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