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Salsa  & Bachata                         Classes

Salsa Class Instructors

Diana Ale

Meet Your Salsa & Bachata Class Instructor

I am a professional dancer from Mexico City. I have competed in solo, partner, and group divisions at international events like San Francisco Salsa Bachata Congress & Acapulco Salsa Congress. I was a multi-National champion in a group division and 2 time champion in a partner division. The dynamic of my Salsa dance styles was expressed after winning a Jack & Jill contest which requires the ability to immediately adapt to a random style of Salsa dancing. 

I have been teaching Salsa, Bachata, and other Latin dances for over 25 years. I love to share my dance experience, not only about movements, but intentions and connection in the partner work and foot work. With that, clients achieve not only steps, but organic movement experience and confidence. Every process is different and based on the individual's progress. We will achieve a level that makes you feel ready for social dancing once we have the fundamental moves.

Private Salsa or Bachata Class

Book a private Salsa or Bachata class with one of the top instructors in Playa del Carmen for yourself or with a partner. Choose between Salsa or Bachata to learn, whether you're a beginner or intermediate level dancer.

*All multiple hour packages include 1 social dance night out

  • Gain the skills needed for social dancing

  • Improve your technique and learn new steps

  • Start with absolute basics for beginners

  • Perfect surprise date to wow your partner

Teaching Salsa Class









Dance Class









*Prices listed for groups up to 6. 

Contact for larger groups

Group Salsa or Bachata Class

Whether you are looking to book a group salsa or bachata class with your friends, or you're searching for the perfect family experience during your vacation, we will help to create great memories or get you out on the dance floor.

*All multiple hour packages include 1 social dance night out

  • Learn together with your friends at a shared price

  • Treat your employees to a morale-building experience

  • Let us create entertainment for your next big birthday

Need choreography or dancers for an upcoming event?

Want to learn a dance for your wedding?



Contact us with your details and we will provide the perfect experience package for you!


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