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Since 2000, instructor Diana Ale has been immersed in the world of Salsa, Bachata, and Latin rhythms. Following years of the international scene as a dance performer and competitor, Let's Dance Mexico was introduced in 2021 to share her passion with the community. From private Salsa or Bachata classes to local social dance events in Playa del Carmen, Diana Ale continues to follow her dance dreams.

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Playa del Carmen
Salsa Classes

Social Salsa Dancing in Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen, the Salsa dancing scene has grown immensely over the years.  It now includes many Salsa dancing social events throughout the week, as well as a number of salsa teachers for group salsa classes or private salsa classes. While visiting Playa del Carmen, it is a must to check out the salsa dancing nightlife and experience the variety of Salsa dancing skills each dancer brings. 

Group or Private Salsa Classes in Playa del Carmen

Before jumping into a Salsa dancing event in Playa del Carmen, we recommend you prepare yourself with some basic Salsa dancing steps. There are group Salsa classes at some dancing events where you will typically learn beginner to intermediate level Salsa dancing moves, which can be frustrating if you haven't had a basic Salsa class, especially without individual attention to correct salsa dancing technique errors. The group Salsa class teachers will sometimes give their instructions in Spanish only, as well. We recommend taking at least one private salsa class so you can learn the unique salsa rhythm, become familiar with basic salsa steps as well as a variety of other beginner salsa steps, and ensure you're learning the proper salsa dancing techniques. Our salsa classes are taught in English or Spanish.

Become a Social Salsa Dancer

If becoming a regular Salsa social dancer is on your bucket list, let us get you prepared with our private Salsa class packages. With our private salsa class packages, you will learn a list of Salsa steps to include: simple turn, cross-body lead, hammer-lock and open break. The material learned in private salsa classes is solely dependent on the student's learning pace. Included with our private salsa class packages, our salsa teacher will take you out to a Salsa social dancing event in Playa del Carmen where you can test your new salsa dance steps.

Salsa Dancing Styles

There are a variety of Salsa dancing styles you will see in Playa del Carmen; Salsa Cubana (Salsa Casino, Rueda de Casino), Salsa on 1 (Salsa LA), and Salsa on 2 (New York Style Salsa). Each of these Salsa dancing styles are taught by Let's Dance Mexico in our private Salsa classes. 

Playa del Carmen
Bachata Classes

Social Bachata Dancing in Playa del Carmen

Bachata dancing in Playa del Carmen is slowly surpassing Salsa. Most events that you will see in Playa del Carmen will play a mix of Salsa and Bachata music to dance to. Now, there are equally as many Bachata classes in Playa del Carmen as there are salsa classes. After attending a social Bachata dance event, you will understand the increase in the popularity of Bachata dancing. Most events in Playa del Carmen will also include a group Bachata class that is between an intermediate and beginner level.

Group or Private Bachata Classes in Playa del Carmen

Many social dancing events in Playa del Carmen have a group Bachata class. These classes can be overwhelming to beginner Bachata dancers as the class will typically include intermediate Bachata steps and may be taught in Spanish only. We also ensure you learn the importance of proper technique, which is missed in group classes that lack individual attention. With our private Bachata class, you will start by understanding the rhythm and timing of the music to become comfortable using your basic step. More basic Bachata steps will be added as you progress at your own pace. These steps include: inside/outside turns, 2-hand turns, hammer-lock, and DePaseo. Our Bachata class is taught in Spanish or English.

Become a Social Bachata Dancer

If you're interested in becoming a social Bachata dancer, we have private Bachata class packages for you! As you learn the basic Bachata steps, we will slowly add additional steps as you improve your learned steps. The class pace will be determined by your learning speed. Together, we will make your transition from beginner to social-ready in a fun and easy-to-understand class. Each of our Bachata class packages includes a social night where we take you out to a local Bachata dance event in Playa del Carmen for you to test what you've learned.

Bachata Dancing Styles

There are 3 styles of Bachata; Dominican, Moderna, and Sensual. Of these styles, Dominican Bachata is the closest to its traditional form. It's based around a square pattern as you do simple steps in close proximity with your dance partner. Moderna Bachata uses a side-to-side basic step instead of a square and has adopted common Salsa turns. Moderna Bachata also introduced more upper body movements while accentuating more lower body styling. Sensual Bachata is the newest style which is similar to Moderna Bachata. The difference is the addition of a more fluid motion that matches the dynamics of the music. Sensual Bachata uses whole-body movements like waves, as well as isolations. The Bachata social dancing events in Playa del Carmen are typically geared towards Sensual Bachata.

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Local Dance Events

Let's Dance Mexico is the only place with all of the Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk dance events in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum!

Check out a detailed list of local dance events. Plan your next Bachata night out, or find a Salsa lesson with social dancing afterwards. We update our list regularly to ensure every local dance event is available to you.

Salsa & Bachata Dance Events


Chris, UK

“Thank you Diana was AMAZING - clearly insanely talented, patient and understanding and helped me learn things that I can remember!!!! Thank you!"


"I am filled with gratitude for Diana's heartfelt guidance. It was my first time dancing, but the careful private lessons taught me the joy of dancing without any worries.
At first I thought I was just going to try it out, but I ended up having so much fun that I ended up ordering 15 lessons until the last minute before I could go back to Japan.
Her solid experience, skills, and personality made my stay in Mexico a truly beautiful time. I will practice in Japan and definitely see you again.
thank you."

Blondie, USA

“Diana has introduced me to the world of Bachata and Salsa. She is so deeply connected to the dancing scene in PDC and beyond that it was easy to become a part of it. I have been thoroughly enjoying all the lessons, events, meeting people. Most of all she is a great teacher, patient, fun and positive. To the point where my friends (super against any kind of dancing) tried our lessons and actually enjoyed them to their big surprise. Looking forward to my next class :) Just do it and you will discover a new universe that you didn't know existed !.”

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